Leveraging Broad, In-the Seat Experience to Support You

Most of my career has been in the trenches of operating a business, which allows me to quickly understand your challenges and apply my experience and learning - both the trophies and the scars - to help.

I spent the first half of my career at large, marketing and analysis pacesetters like P&G and J.P. Morgan along with scrappy startups. My second half has been spent in building materials, leveraging this early learning to drive industry improvement, growth and innovation.

Harvey Building Products, then a top building products manufacturer And distributor, recruited me to transform the marketing organization. I was fortunate to lead it as a member of the executive team for 12 years, and also co-led sales and operations. Additionally, I was actively involved in several private equity enterprise transactions, on both the sell and buy sides. 

After striking out my own in late 2019, I have focused on 3 areas (more detail in Offerings):

- Find & Size the Prize

- Navigate the path to market

- Before, during and post acquisition processes


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